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How to Find Errors On Your Computer Using CMD


There are multiple of the antivirus software to search and remove numbers of virus. Meanwhile, most of we are unaware that this software uses much RAM and slow down your computer. Most of the people are unknown about command prompt tricks which can help to locate errors on the computer. This article will teach you how to use CMD for locating errors without any third-party software.


Step 1: First of all you will need to open a command prompt as an administrator, which can be done by right-clicking the start button and click “Command Prompt(Admin)” from the menu.

To check error for a specific disk, follow the steps below:

Step 2:¬†Type command¬†chkdsk “drive name”

For example checking drive C, “chckdsk c:”

After entering the command it will take about 1-3 minutes to check your drive.

To check the whole computer, follow the steps below:

Type command “*chcdsk”¬†and press enter. The process will take several minutes depending on numbers of files and folders inside your drive.

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