1. Sign Up On MaxBounty
2. Fill in All The Information
3. At Last they would give you some information about your Affiliate Manager. It will contain their Name, their Skype ID and your Affiliate ID No. Copy That!
4. Then Sign in To Skype and Paste the Skype ID and search for your Affiliate Manager.
5. Say him Hi. And tell me that he is your Affiliate Manager. And You need to approve your account. Say him can you help me approve my account. Ask him to call you right now.
6. He will call you on your Mobile No. Answer the Call then answer the questions he will ask you.
7. Make Sure You Provide The Same Information that you entered in the Form before.
8. Almost the questions asked are same as in the Registration Form.


1 – What kind of offers do you wanna promote?
2 – How will you be promoting the offers?
3- Have you ever worked with any other CPA Network before?
4 – So, When will you be sending traffic to the offers?
The questions like this will be asked.

1 – I would be promoting offers like EMail Submissions & Surveys etc.
2 – Well, I will be promoting the offers using Social Media like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc.
3 – Yes, I’ve worked with some famous CPA Networks around there. It includes CPALeads, Peerfly etc.
4 – As soon as you Approve my Account I will start work and be promoting the offers.

NOTE: Make Sure To be Confident while Answering the Questions.

That’s it! He will approve your account in a few minutes.

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