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How To Use Your Android Device As Mouse And Keyboard

Android Device As Mouse And Keyboard
Android Device As Mouse And Keyboard

Steps to Use Your Android Gadget as Mouse and Keyboard

  1. Download and Install Intel Remote Keyboard on your android device and for PC download Intel Remote Keyboard Host.
  2. Make sure both of your devices are connected to the same network and search for windows gadget.

Android Device As Mouse And Keyboard

  1. Once your search is completed, then click on Windows device name and the PC will display a QR code which needs to be scanned by your Android device.
  2. Once your device scans the QR code, both of the devices will be connected to each other and you can use your android device like mouse and keyboard for your windows.

Below are some of the popular application for remote mouse and keyboard:


Remote Mouse is an application which allows you to change your smartphone into a remote to control your windows. This has a user-friendly interface which gives a good experience fundamental and productive.


This application allows you to change your android phone into a WiFi or Bluetooth broad remote control for Windows PC, Mac, and Linux.

Be unconcerned, you justify it! Preloaded with help for 90+ undertakings including mouse and keyboard, media players, introductions, screen reflecting, control, record chief, terminal, and considerably more.

This is the manner by which you would you be able to can control your PC/laptop with your Android gadget utilizing it either as keyboard or Mouse. Expectation you like the article, share it with others moreover.

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