Steps for GTA Vice City Installation on android

Steps for GTA Vice City Installation on android Untitled 300x232

What is GTA Vice city?

GTA Vice city is the most played game in Gaming history. It is popular since those days till present days.
We don’t have pc anymore or don’t want to play gta on pc then now we can install GTA vice city on android phone.
We can also use cheats same as PC on android version. We can get various vehicles and get same interesting game play as PC.


We can use bikes and cars.

We can fight.

We can steal money, cars, etc

We can buy house, weapons, vehicles, etc

We can fly a helicopter as well as plane.

There are many more features.

How to install. 

Step 1 

follow the video steps down below.

Step 2

Download all given files

Extract all download files on in this folder android/obb

play and have fun

Download Link: