How Can We Earn From YouTube

Hey, guys welcome back again and today I am back with a trending topic I hope you guys will love this article. Hope you guys will learn something new from today article. In this article, I will explain to you what is youtube and how can you earn money from youtube. Many people have been asking me how can we make money from youtube my uploading your video, so this article is for them. If you are also always wondered about this question you can, then you can just share this article with them. So let’s start without wasting time on introduction.

What is YouTube?

YouTube is a platform where daily new videos related to a different topic are uploaded every minute. Actually, this is also a platform where you can upload your personal live vlog videos also and other personal videos. For personal videos, we have the option to keep them in private. During the video uploading process we can get three option for a video that is public (For everyone), unlist (the only person with links and watch) and the last one is private (Only you can watch).

What are the things to be done for earning?

According to YouTube latest policy, we must have 4000 watch hours and 1000 plus subscribers. If your channel can fulfill the youtube policy then congratulations you are ready to earn from youtube.

How can we apply to earn?

To apply just go to your youtube dashboard and on the left side, you will find many options from that option search for a channel. Click on that and after that again you can see the option of monetization under the channel option. Click on that and if you have fulfilled the youtube requirement than you will find the option to apply for Adsense. Once you apply for Adsense youtube will review your channel and after getting approved for Adsense you can make good money.

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