How to download any videos from YouTube or any website?

How to download any videos from YouTube or any website?

Hey guys what’s up. I hope all of you guys are fine. After a long break, I am again back with a new blog on how to download any videos from YouTube or any other websites. Many of you know this already but some of the new or beginner in the world of the internet may not know about it so this is for those people. If you already know about it and still you reading this article than thank you so much for your contribution. So without talking much unnecessary, this let’s get deep into the topic

So what is YouTube?

YouTube is a platform where you can watch and upload the video for free. If you can fulfil the YouTube policies requirement than you can also earn well from youtube. Many people worldwide are earning good and fulfilling their family needs and demands. If you are wondering how can we earn from youtube and don’t worry just comment down below I will be back soon with that topic.

What is video downloading?

All of us know that video what is video, simply it’s a collection of photos which is played randomly. Transferring video from any platform to your own devices then this is called video downloading.

How can we download?

To download videos from any website you need to install a download manager software which is known as Internet Download Manager (IDM). You can download this by clicking here. Download software from the site given up or search it on google and download. Once you are finished with download just go for the second step. Extract the file first and install that software on your computer. Once you complete your installation open your browser and your browser will ask permission to add the software extension allow that. Open any site (for example:- open youtube and play any random video and at the top right of the video you will see an option download video just click on that and you are ready to download the video)

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