How to share files within PC and Android || Wireless

How to share files within PC and Android wireless?

Hey guys welcome to my first blog. Today in this blog I will be explain or show you that how can you share files from PC to android or Android to PC. Basically many people doesn’t know how to share files within PC and android. So this is just a basic tips which can be very useful for some people. You guys may be thinking why have I wrote this article so the reason behind it is one of my relative asked me how can he share his files in his computer to mobile without any wire. I google it and found that not only him many people from various place are searching answer to this question. Then I thought what about starting doing blog with some basic tips and trick that I know and share with various people so that they can also learn something. So now without waste any time let’s move towards our blog.

What is to be done before starting the sharing process?

  • First before starting the sharing process you should have downloaded and installed app named as “Share it “ in you PC and in you android phone also

From where can we download share it?

What are the steps to be followed?

  • Open share it in both of the devices
  • From mobile click on receive button
  • You will be able to see connect to PC option in screen down side just click on that
  • The app will start for searching the PC once it show the PC name just click and you will be able to share files between PC and Android.

At last, if you love this blog than please share this with your friends and family so that they can also know about it. If you have any problem regarding this or any other tech related problem than feel free to ask me or you can simply comment down below. You can also check my another site Tech OH and give me a review. I will be back soon with a fresh and brand new article in up coming days so please be connected with us. Till that time bye-bye Stay Health and Stay tuned.


Article By: – Santosh Baral (Tech OH)

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