Information Technology is Trending World Wide. The world is moving with Information Technology with the new practices in Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, IOT (Internet of things). Every Year new programming language are introduced with safer code and better performance. As a Developing country Nepal lacks to implement new technology but as a good part, Nepal has many great programmers. The List below shows programming language or IT skills to get a job easily in Nepal in the context if you are a beginner and want to start a programming carrier


Top 5 Programming language or Skills to learn to get job in Nepal (Beginner) php 300x162

PHP is Server Side Programming language to make a website. PHP has many free and open libraries for the expansion of source distribution. For the web hosting, it is the cheapest in the Nepali market with low server cost. Despite being Facebook made on PHP it has many flaws too. But it has conquered the Nepali web market and most of the website made on Nepal are base on PHP. If you are a complete beginner on PHP and you want to get a job as PHP programmer you may get chance to start your salary with 10,000 Rs on Startup companies but you must have Basic Knowledge of PHP that may include CRUD operation, HTML. if you want to be full stack web developer based on PHP you may go with the framework of PHP like CI, Laravel which is well paid in Nepal. You can start PHP tutorial with PHP

Top 5 Programming language or Skills to learn to get job in Nepal (Beginner) asp 300x300

ASP.NET is programming language to a built website which is backed by Microsoft. Being a Microsoft language you can get full-featured documentation and lots of tutorials to start with this language. Better IDE (Visual Studio), Boilerplate code, Default libraries, Easy integration with SQL server and lots of support from different another forum like StackOverflow made ASP.NET easy for Nepali programmer to use and integrate in Nepal. Most of the commercial website is made with ASP.NET in Nepal. if you want to start your programming career on Nepal with ASP.NET you may easily get chance to involved in a startup company with starting salary of 10,000 Rs but you must have to be familiar with the basic knowledge of CRUD operation, ASP.NET framework, HTML. As a beginner, your role at the company first may be to review the previously developed project and to patch a small item on it. Before starting you must have knowledge of C# and OOPS concept.You can start ASP.NET tutorial with ASP.Net

Android (Java)

Top 5 Programming language or Skills to learn to get job in Nepal (Beginner) android 300x200

Android OS has installed and used on lots of Mobile devices on Nepal. Many Nepali firms have made a lot of money with the Android app like Hamro Patro, E-sewa. A non-it startup, INGO, and NGO have used Android as a platform to deliver their service to mass users that’s why the Android developer is on demand too on Nepal but with the easy built-in service, external libraries, better IDE has made experienced developer to cover the development of most android part easily. You can start your programmer carrier as Android Developer in Nepal on Startup companies with starting salary of 10,000 to 15,000. you can develop the android app on a different platform like java, kotlin , react native, xamrian , dart but java is used highly compare to another programming language. To start as the Android developer in Nepal you must have knowledge of libraries, SQLite, JSON parsing. You can develop your carrier with the Firebase, kotlin , Room. To start Android programming you must be familiar with Java and OOPs concept of java. You can start Android tutorial on Android


Top 5 Programming language or Skills to learn to get job in Nepal (Beginner) javascript 300x300

Javascript is programming language made to run on the client side which the only purpose was to make user interaction on the web but with the release Nodejs. Nodejs has made javascript code possible to run on a server too now javascript can use to make a full-featured website with the help of node and express framework but Nepal has not yet implemented to make the website with Nodejs which far more better than PHP on my knowledge. Javascript is used in Nepal to make website user interactive. Javascript libraries like JQuery, React, Angular has made implementation of javascript easy to use. You can start your carrier as javascript programmer on the client side in Nepal with the salary below 7000 to 10,000 depending on the company.  You can start javascript tutorial with Mozilla firefox documentation for javascript and many other free tutorials on the Internet.


Top 5 Programming language or Skills to learn to get job in Nepal (Beginner) ux 300x190

UX/UI designer jobs are to make a design for Mobile and web platform their jobs include creating an icon using Photoshop, Illustrator and other image editing software, creating Mockup for website and Wireframe for projects. Job of UI/UX designer can be different according to the filed on what the designer choose to design if designer choose to go with website than the designer must have understanding of web color, CSS, test browser, HTML, WordPress and many other designing tools if the designer wants to join the mobile team than the designer must have knowledge of image editing software, Material design, Icon and many other techniques. IT firm in Nepal are creating more vacancy for the designer to make their software look beautiful so you can easily join on this job but you must have design motive and tools knowledge for this job, you can start prototyping with the framer, marvel prototyping, Balsamiq. UI/UX designer can start this job with starting salary of 7000 to 10000 Rs depending on the company. You can start the Designer tutorial with a different tutorial as we know that Designing is not about single tools or single language but you can simply find the package for the designer course on the Internet. Best of Luck (Happy Programming)

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